By: Alexandra Avangelista and Dylan Rippe

“We are so excited to invite people in to see how bricktastic LEGOLAND New York is,” says Matt Berman, the public relations manager of the LEGOLAND New York Resort.

Entrance to the LEGOLAND New York Resort, photo taken by Peter Carr.

Delayed due to COVID, the 175 acre theme park was supposed to have its doors open last summer of 2020. Located in Goshen, Orange County, LEGOLAND is now planning to open this summer, and divisional director Stephanie Johnston is excited to show off the theme park to its devoted fans.

Johnston says the opening of the amusement park is a “bricktastic moment”, and the model…

Alexandra Avangelista

I spent a semester studying abroad in Costa Rica, and was astonished to learn within my internship at an elementary school, that English language classes are mandatory for students all the way through high school, and are even required in some colleges. English is the most widely spoken foreign language in Costa Rica, so it only makes sense that students are encouraged to learn it. So with that being said, why aren’t more people encouraged to speak Spanish in the United States?

As the second most spoken language in the U.S. next to English, the number of Spanish…

Alexandra Avangelista

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